How To: Set Up Your Business Facebook Page

Have you realised the potential your business could reach with a little help from a giant marketing beast called Facebook – have you heard of it? 😉

If you haven’t set up a Facebook Page for your business, this is the super quick and easy, step-by-step video you need!

I promise, you can do it in the next ad break of The Bachelor. (lol)


Why You Need a Facebook Page for your Business

There are 9 million active daily Facebook users in Australia alone!  Facebook can, with ease, find the customers that are right for your business, and help grow your online business with a little bit of work from you, and a whole lot’a FB power!  And quite frankly, it’s a fun way for you to market your business to the world at large.  There’s no time like the present!


What We’ll Show You in the Video

  1. Super quick & simple, step-by-step guide to a basic set up
    • Create a new page
    • Categorise your business
    • Initial simple branding
  2. A few extra tips on how to start connecting with others once you’ve set up


How to set up a Facebook Page for a business (for Beginners)


Reply in the comments below to tell us how you did, or write the name of your Facebook Page so we can all go and check out and like your new Facebook Page! Hurrah!

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