Meet Nadine

I work with people (just like you) who secretly yearn to impact the world in ways they haven’t even imagined yet. And I help them get there one word at a time.

I show them how to use their content to attract + sell to their ideal audience, while still having a little fun on the side. (I think the very best biz is always mixed with pleasure ;))

I give them the tools they need to get more out of their daily interactions by being purposeful and strategic with the content they speak, write and draw.

I’ve got 10+ years experience in the corporate world helping people craft their message for an internal audience.  Helping them find the right voice, level of engagement and visual stimulus to give their message punch!  I know how to get right to the essence of the message and make it shine!

The stories we tell, the language we use, the ways we connect with people are key to building relationships and attracting the right people to us. And if we are intentional and thoughtful with our content it can be a powerful asset no matter how big or small your business, which is why it’s a really powerful secret weapon to add to your Small Biz Tool Box.

The other side of the coin is that, just like you, I too secretly yearn to impact the world in ways I haven’t even imagined yet.  And just like you I’m working to build a life and business that gives me the freedom to choose.

The freedom to choose:

  • How and where I want to live (based on the life I want, not on the work I can get there).
  • To work from where I want, when I want, in the way that I want.
  • To work on projects and with people that I love and have a passion for.
  • My own version of success and the way I’m going to get it.

And each and every day to:

  • Practice an attitude of gratitude and spirit of abundance.
  • Enjoy the work I’m doing, and not waste time feeling angry, disappointed and frustrated by office politics and shennanigans.
  • Be conscious of those who need me. Who need help and caring. Who need what I have to give. And to be willing to give it freely.
  • Be mindful about how I live, the decisions I make, and what I do.  (To design my own life.  Not be a prisoner of what life does with me.)
  • Take ownership of my own opinions, feelings and convictions. And live them out loud.
  • Spend time improving myself so that I can serve and impact the world in the way I was made to.
  • Wake up feeling excited and enthusiastic for what the day will bring.
  • Go to bed grateful for what happened, and content with what I was able to accomplish.

And I want all these things for YOU too!

Ready to take action towards being more intentional and strategic with your content, so you can attract your ideal crowd?

I have a gift for you!

Come on over and grab your FREE checklist – Content Marketing – House in Order Checklist – and get yourself set up to take the next step towards success!