Amy Porterfield Talks Content (Podcast Review)


Amy Porterfield is a leader in the Facebook Marketing space, has an awesome podcast all around this topic as well, and is just an all round lovely lady!

While her podcast has always been very well worth the listen, this year she has really taken it to the next level, stepping up the quality & consistency (if possible), and providing content that is actionable, relevant, and bang on the money.

Plus the big kicker is that each week she provides top-notch downloadables to help you take action on what she’s been talking about.

So, all in all a big recommendation just to follow this podcast & all of Amy’s work full-stop.

Content Repurposing Episode

A recent stellar episode was on creating content to attract your target audience. And again, it was chock block of great take-homes like:

“There are two kinds of content in this world: content that attracts and content that sells.”

“The more you craft content geared toward your ideal customer, the more sales you’ll make. And these won’t just be one-time sales. You’ll be talking to people who want to buy from you over and over, because they feel connected to you and your product.”

(from Podcast #56 by Amy Porterfield)

If you are involved with creating content online (and as Amy says: “Everything you do online is content.”) then this is one podcast you won’t want to miss.

Take a listen now >>

Learn then Act

A key thing we’re doing after listening to this podcast is repurposing content, especially using Slideshare & Canva.

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So keep your eye out for the different ways we’ll be serving up the information first shared in the post: 6 Easy Ways to get Your Business Online.

As we’ve mentioned before we LOVE podcasts, and it’s a favourite way of learning around here. The quality of podcasts is high, actionable and inspiring. So do yourself a favour & plug-in today.

Have you listened to this podcast yet (or any other)? What are you inspired to do after listening to it? Let us know in the comments below…accountability is your friend 😉

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