Give your content a check-up and find out

take a website health check now

Is your content healthy and strong enough to work hard for you and your business?

The content (the words, information and knowledge) you share with people online helps:

  • boost your authority with your audience;
  • educate your customers on why they need you, and
  • keeps you front of mind with current and future customers.

This means that when they have a need for your products and services you are the person they think of (rather than going to Jane Doe down the road).

You don’t have to be at the mercy of Facebook’s algorithms or Google’s search changes.  You have the power to control who sees you and where they see you. You control what people think about you online. You control what people know about you. You control what people think of when they think of you.

And one of the power tools you have for this building and maintaining this control is your content.

What do I mean by content?

Your content is anything you create that you share with your audience.  Including:

  • emails you send,
  • images you create,
  • videos you share,
  • anything you share on social media  (Facebook or Instagram posts, Twitter tweets, Google+ posts, images that you pin on Pinterest, etc),
  • posters, banners or flyers you display,
  • snail mail you send,
  • blog posts you share on your own site or on other sites,
  • your email signature,
  • your voicemail message,
  • advertising online or off,
  • etc, etc

Every interaction you have with your customers is an opportunity for you to be providing value + building relationship + spreading your message.  

So it’s important that you maximise every single opportunity and ensure your efforts are as effective and useful as possible (for you and them!).

How healthy is your site?

That’s where this health check-up comes in. You need to be intentional about the way you create and use your content.  You need a strategy, a plan. So you’re not wasting your time, just churning out endless amount of content and not making any connection with your customers (current or potential).

Want to get started? Take the check-up to review your website, and see where you need to focus, and what you should be concentrating on to boost and amplify your content so it’s working hard for you.

take a website health check now

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  • Sue

    This check-up is a fantastic resource. I highly recommend!

    • Nadine McMahon

      Thanks Sue! Glad you found it useful 😄