Get over yourself to get past yourself

Sometimes you just have to look at yourself in the mirror and say: Get over yourself girl!!

Guess what? No one cares about you as much as you do!!

Get over yourself to get past yourself

No one else is doing a play by play on that last conversation you just had. No one else is coming up with witty come backs, or still blushing at the thought of the non-witty reality. No one really even notices that no one has started commenting or liking your posts yet. And if they do notice, they DO NOT CARE about this like you do.

I’ll say it again.

No one cares about you as much as you do!

This should actually be liberating. Freeing. A breath of fresh air. Especially when you’re starting out. When you’re finding your feet and your rhythm.

This should actually be the thing you need to help you grow the confidence to let the real you shine. To help you take that next step you’ve been putting off (you know the one, you’re thinking of it right now). To help you do what you were put here to do.

So what should you do with this liberation?

“Dance like nobody’s watching” of course!

If you “dance like nobody’s watching’, trite as that might sound, you just might surprise yourself with the most authentic, creative, ‘performance’ of your life. The ‘performance’ you know in your heart of hearts you have to give. The ‘performance’ that only you can give.

And the other benefit is, if you get started with the dancing while no one’s actually watching then you’ll get right into the swing of it, you’ll discover your flow, your voice, your tribe. You’ll start growing that confidence you might be missing now.

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You’ll be more of the person you were meant to be, so by the time people do start watching, when people do start engaging and interacting with you, you’ll be so into what you’re doing, that you’ll be giving of your best self, better able to serve the people you’re here to serve, and not worrying about yourself all the time.

Use the silence to grow. Use the quietness to blossom. Use the absence to become.

And then welcome everyone to the dance as they start showing up. As the music, the vibrancy, the energy you’re now producing just naturally attracts the right people to you. Your tribe. The people you will best serve, enjoy and relate to.

Welcome them with open arms, and serve them like you were made to.

PS: This might be the first in a series of posts that are actually squarely directed at me. I’m pointing the finger directly in my face, and giving it a good shake. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander (in which I play the gander and you play the goose…in the nicest possible way!).

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