5 reasons being consistent is good for you and your business

One of the key things I’m working on this year is consistency. (It’s the intention behind the ‘Do’ in my 3 Words for 2016.) This is the advice you hear so often from smart people as a key way to grow an audience, to build up a network of followers, and to get your message out into the wonderful wide world.  And I believe it.  It is key for “them”, the people I’m trying to reach, and for how I’m going to reach them.

5 reasons consistency is good for you and your business.

So this year I’m trying to take the momentum I have built from other daily habits I’ve been able to master.  Like my daily coffee, which I’ll be honest, I never forget to have. I am never to busy for. And I certainly never put it off till tomorrow. So I’ve proved to myself, I can make myself do something every day when it suits me.  And it should suit me perfectly to do something everyday in my business. To intentionally set-up consistent habits that are the building blocks of my business and who I want to be.

And don’t forget, consistency is as much for me as it is for “them”. For me “them” is you, my lovely community of readers. For you “them” is the customers and clients you are serving daily online or off. 

Here’s 5 reasons why being consistent is good for you:

1. Consistency allows me to practice my craft.

By writing every day, by creating daily, by doing what I’m teaching, I am honing my skills, I am continually improving, and I’m building habits that help to keep moving me towards where I need to be on my journey.

What about you? What do you need to practice daily? If you set yourself a goal for consistent effort in that area how much do you think you would improve in a month, in a year?

2. Consistency allows me to research my niche.

By creating content on a consistent basis I have something to interact and engage with my audience on. We all know how key it is to talk to our customers. To speak to the people we are trying to serve. And by consistently creating content and by consistently putting out my products and services I open up the gate for feedback, for conversations, for discussions and comments and even just likes that will help me know if I’m headed in the right direction, or if I need to be taking an about face.

What can you do daily to interact with and learn from your customers? (Don’t underestimate the opportunities this could open up for you.)

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3. Consistency allows me to share value with my audience.

When I’m not creating on a consistent basis, when I’m not coming up with new ideas, new ways of working, when I’m not using trial and error on myself and my tribe, then I have nothing of value to give.

I don’t have content that builds my authority and respect with my tribe, and I don’t have anything of real value to offer them to help solve their problems, and to let them know when they are have problems that are worth paying for that I can help them. That I am the one they should come to.

What are you creating to help solve your customers’ problems…even before they ask…even before they pay?

4. Consistency lets me know if I’m on the right track for myself.

If I’m working daily on my business, if I”m constantly moving forward, I’ll be more in tune with what I’m doing, and whether I’m still finding joy in the journey.

None of us are doing this to build a business we hate. To replace one soul-sucking day job with another. By consistently working in my niche I can feel the ebb and flow of passion and enthusiasm.

And if need to I can more quickly identify options to pivot, so I stay on the upward flow of doing what I want to be doing. Which may not be what I originally set out to do, but may actually be much more what I wanted than I ever imagined.

Have you asked yourself lately whether what you’re putting all your time and effort into is still heading in the direction you want it to?

5. Consistency feels good.

It’s true. Productivity feels good  When we get things done it sets off a little light in us, and makes us want to do more and more. It’s a bit like chocolate for the soul. The more we get into the habit of doing, and enjoy the feeling that gives us, the more we will want to do.  It’s a self-fulfilling productive cycle of habitual goodness!

How did you feel the last time you kept your promise to yourself and did what you had tasked yourself with for the week or month?

Be consistent in your business.

How about in your business?

Do you think being consistent could help you and your business? Are there any extra ways you think it would be useful to you?

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