• 5 small business tips from my kiitchen |

    5 small business lessons from my kitchen

    My kitchen and my small business aren’t often on speaking terms.  They don’t generally have a great love relationship, as one is invariably taking me away from the other. But this past…

  • 3 things your homepage should include | Nadine McMahon

    3 things your homepage should include

    Last week we spoke about what your homepage is for, and talked about it being a welcoming front door, an introduction service, and a map. (Check it out over here if you haven’t…

  • What is your homepage for?

    What is your homepage for?

    For many visitors who come to your website your homepage is the first place they land. So it is your best chance to make a great impression, to be welcoming, helpful and…

  • Get over yourself to get past yourself

    Get over yourself to get past yourself

    Sometimes you just have to look at yourself in the mirror and say: Get over yourself girl!! Guess what? No one cares about you as much as you do!! No one…

  • take-content-health-check

    Give your content a check-up and find out

    Is your content healthy and strong enough to work hard for you and your business? The content (the words, information and knowledge) you share with people online helps: boost your authority with…

  • 3 words for 2016 - do - bold- curious

    3 Words to Guide my 2016

    Each year, since the fab Chris Brogan first introduced me to the idea, I have been choosing 3 words to help guide the direction, focus and intentions for my year ahead.…

  • get-your-business-online-nadine-mcmahon

    6 Easy Ways to get Your Business Online

    Whether you’re starting a new business or working to build up an existing one, if you don’t have a presence online you’re missing out on the 3 billion people who are online everyday.…